The fabled JSON storage is a strange beast - I myself have specifically told *many* people before that storing data in JSON files is not an appropriate database. On the other hand, the reason I say this all the time is that people don't ever do it correctly. So... here's JSON storage done right, for your pleasure.

# Installation

To install the JSON provider, run the following:

npm i @joshdb/json
** OR **
yarn add @joshdb/json

# Usage

Here's how you setup and use the JSON provider:

const Josh = require('@joshdb/core');
const JoshJSON = require('@joshdb/json');

const db = new Josh({
  name: 'testing',
  provider: JoshJSON,
  // See below for all provider options.
  providerOptions: {},

db.defer.then(async () => {
  console.log(`Connected, there are ${await db.size} rows in the database.`);

# Provider Options