# Providers

# What is a Provider?

A Provider is a layer of communication between JOSH, and a database. Each provider has a precise set of instructions it can receive from JOSH, where each instruction tells it what to do in the database.

# What Providers are available?

At the moment, only a few providers are available at all. As time develops, more will be added. Please see the menu on the left to see available providers!

# Can I add my own Provider?

You sure can! Even though I do my best to create providers for popular storage systems, I can't possibly create all of them. If you have a storage system you'd like to use, by all means you can go about Creating a Provider.

Official providers are always available under the @joshdb/ scope. Only official providers are supported officially, and are guaranteed functional and safe. Install third-party providers at your own risks!

# How do I use a Provider?

Providers must be installed separately from Josh and are installed as any NPM module is, through either yarn or npm in the command line. For example, yarn add @joshdb/sqlite. Note that each provider may have pre-requisites before installation, check the provider page for details.

To use a provider, simply require it, give it to Josh along with the providerOptions if required, and Josh does the rest!

For example, again with the sqlite module:

const Josh = require("@joshdb/core");
const provider = require("@joshdb/sqlite");

const myDb = new Josh({
  name: 'test',
  providerOptions: {
    dataDir: './data'